October 24, 2007

Eagle Eye

The Eagle: symbol of the zenith; messengers of the heavens; embodiment of the spirit of the sun -- four-toed feet to help you remain grounded even when soaring high; talons to grasp the things of the earth; a sharp beak to show you when to speak, how much and how strongly.This is a round robin spread for an animal totem book. There were a few different animals that came up for me, but this one hit home and I've been seeing eagles and hawks everywhere lately -- so perhaps this is a sign :)

I wish I could say I thought up the eagle drawing, but I'm not that good LOL I tried to draw my own based on another illustration -- but I did manage to think up the lines for the copper embossed feathers on my own LOL


joanne huffman said...

looks like a cool rr.

Eastjewels said...

Ok Ms. Karen.....this is really an awesome spread. I can see you in this work. Maybe you could catch a ride with this eagle and then you wouldn't even need a car. lol Seriously your work is wonderful. I just love it. You are a real talented artist!!!