September 24, 2007

Shadow Journal

Journey into the ShadowYeah!! I have my first completed art journal!

January 2006 I decided I wanted to do an art journal just for me, but I wanted to focus on connecting my art to me and move more away from theme type work. I had hoped to do a lot more work than this, but the pages I did feel intense to me and they speak my heart, so I am happy with what I ended up with. What I found most amazing -- looking through my pages from the last year ... I have moved further away from commercial imagery and more toward raw art. I just tried to do what was in my heart.

I journaled about whatever I felt truly compelled to journal about. Looking back I saw somewhat of a connecting theme, which led me to my journal title.

For my pages, I ripped out pages from an old engagement calendar, so I could feel free to use whatever medium I wanted and also the freedom to sew if I chose. I eyeleted my pages together with twill tape sprayed with Color Mists
(Go Aileen!). I gutted the engagement calendar and recovered it using a heavy muslin type fabric for the spine. The end of the accordion is glued to the inside of the back cover and the rest can be flipped this way and that or stretched out into a long line -- but it takes a bit of ingenuity to figure out how to flip back and forth to see both sides LOL

Oops -- it looks like some of my photos are too long for the slideshow, so here is a direct link to my webshots album.

Shadow Journal

Shadow Journal


Wabbit said...

Wow, Karen, I love it! I like the imagery and how you've used the color to create mood. I need to look at it again. ;-))

I keep telling myself that one of these days I am going to do art just for me. You've created a journal very much along the lines of what I want to do too. But for some reason, I just don't. I need to just do it. Thanks for being such an inspiration! Marilyn

Joanne Huffman said...

You should be very proud of this beautiful art journal. The slide show worked for me.

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Karen your book turned out wonderful, I really enjoyed the slide show cool!

Barbara said...

what a beautiful blog! Enjoyed your creativity!

kathy mc said...

What an wonderful book. This is a priceless masterpiece.

thealteredpage said...

This is really an amazing book, Every single page is fantastic. It must be incredible in person! Seth