September 08, 2007

Arch Journal Page

You may extinguish a flame, but shall do no more than dim the light.  Even the darkest of shadows can have the illuminous spark of hope.I was thrilled to see a new blog for posting gothic arch art. I enlarged my template, so I could use them as journal pages. I experimented with techniques for the backgrounds, but overall I feel my page falls kind of flat since all I really have is a moon and the words on the page.

This page was inspired by the lunar eclipse a few weeks ago. I thought it was cool how the moon turned orange an yet you could still see a glimpse of white light around the moon. I just love all these astronomy miracles.


Karen Owen said...

Karen, I believe this is a beatiful page and the words are wonderful. Maybe you could do something more with the moon - make it brighter, shinier, put a face on it. I think it could be played up more.


Joanne Huffman said...

Somehoiiw this reminds me of a person. Maybe it's the words and the hint of a face in the moon.