July 19, 2007

Update For Angie

Here's your update, Angie LOL

This has been a hard week LOL The art opening was just so much fun. Never did I imagine that my art would get accepted to a gallery. But what a shock it was to see my pieces right inside the door under the assemblage show sign ... so cool!

And it absolutely rocked to see so many of my friends from my book arts group come to see the show and offer support! I'm a little bummed I missed my dear friend Gary from work. He came to see my art, but a bunch of us went down the street to another gallery with a fantastic multi-media exhibit. I was absolutley touched that he came by ... even more touched at the sweet things he said about my art :)

The detour to the mixed-media art show was also fab. The assemblage art was just amazing ... and I saw the most amazing collages from Darlene McElroy! She used lots of layering ... transfer techniques galore ... and she incorporated 3-D peices into her collages, so it was more of a collage-assemblage peice. I would be absolutely thrilled if she came out here to teach one day!


All Blog Spots said...

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Lisa Trainor-Montano said...

Karen, THANK you for posting I was missing you putting stuff on your blog. I too had a great time at the opening, loved thinking Gosh I know her!! Your art ROCKS!!! Thought Darlenes art was amazing, would love to take a class or 2 from her. Calling Darlene....come to Denver hehehe. Lisa TM