July 08, 2007

Aging Experiments

Agged Copper Mesh - accordion pleat and dip method
Aged Copper Mesh - roll and dip method
Aged Copper Mesh - scrunch and dip method
Aged Copper Mesh - scrunch and dip method followed by patina splatters
My old liver of sulphur (LOS) went into the trash ... for whatever reason it lots potency. The new LOS more than makes up for it LOL I cut more copper mesh and wanted to go for a mottled effect for more copper mesh pockets for my Melange book for MHBA.

I took this first photo horizontally, but decided I needed to turn it upright, as I got this neat ink-blot effect and it looks like a cross-section of an insect LOL
Doesn't that second one look like a big pair of creepy eyes?
The bottom piece was crumpled up and dipped, but I didn't get my crevices pinched close tightly enough and didn't get as many bright spots. I splattered on some blue patina.


Kris Henderson said...

Wow the colors are so cool! How fun to experiment like this!!!
Keep going :)

christy grant said...

The top one reminded me of a ribcage! Maybe it's the topic of subluxations, back problems, eyes, and so forth, but it does look like that! SOoooo, what are you plans for these beauties?

shirleymcc said...

these look amazing and YES, one does look like a big pair of eyes.
I can't wait to see what you make with these!

Karen Owen said...

Amazing! I saw the one with the "eyes" before I read your blog and wondered how you did that. I thought it was intentional.


Stacie said...

These are fantastic. If you add a bit of ammonia to your LOS you'll get blues. I know how much you love the blues. ROFL.
Lovin all this metal & can't wait to see your book.