July 25, 2007


Break my body, but you cannot break my spirit. Broken - bust detail

Broken - detail 2
This is a challenge peice I did for the Artist's Nook in Fort Collins. The body form seemed alarmingly flimsy and I had some lite cracking before I even got started, so I reinforced the form with metal tape before painting and texturing.

I did not have a clear idea of what I was doing. I started with the metal tape and it just developed from there. It looks a bit like a swamp creature if you see it up close. The texture is rather crusty looking, which is not evident from the photos.

I used that medium that looks like cracked glass in my frames. I am loving this stuff!


dejavucreations said...

What a great structure to play upon. Great job!


Angie in AZ said...

OMG Karen!!!! This is awesome! You did a fantastic job with it! Girl, you are turning into quite the assemblage master! Wow!

joanne huffman said...

This is extremely cool, Karen, You did a great job with this form. It's a fascinating sculpture.

kathy mc said...

You are creating some real masterpieces Karen. This one is marvelous.

Connie said...

this turned out terrific Karen. See, all that worrying for nothing!
Fantabulous as usual!