April 07, 2007

Yellow - Impatient Times

The deepest impression bring ideas forward; they'd dash out from darkness with a heart full of ardent gratitude and it often stays with them for the rest of their lives. -- When people are not particularly amiable I try to thaw them with my own personal charm.  These are impatient times.  He expected no mercy. This is my journal page for the Art Words yellow prompt. Yellow is one of my least favorite colors to work with ... in fact this may be my only yellow ... or semi-yellow artwork LOL I've had this page in the back of my mind for a while, but this week seemed especially appropriate to get started and this color worked for me :)

I have a friend who is close to my heart ... he makes me smile and brings light into my little world at the times I least expect it and most need it. This was a particularly hard week, because he was forced to make some choices he knew would not make me happy and he did his best to deliver the news with compassion and grace.

I looked for some phrases from some discarded book pages that I felt best described him. These words jumped off the page at me. They are a little melodramatic, but fitting.


Angie in AZ said...

I LOVE how you did this page! Your carved stamp images are terrific but gosh, that sun with the rays alternated with words is really terrific! Love all the work posted lately. Your heart turned out awesome!

joyce said...

for a color you don't like, you sure do seem to be able to do a lot with it. maybe you need to play with it some more?

primdollie said...

I love this page and sorry for the crummy week and all hope things will look up!!!! your use of the hand carved stamps and words is fabulous!! Hang in there girl!!! things will get better!!! Hugs Linda

Stacie said...

K- this says it all. I really like this piece, even though it's yellow. LOL. I like the use of the sun & the words. Your stamps look super cool. Very nice.


Lorri Scott said...


I really like this page. I know this is the sun radiating words out but it also reminds me of a daisy where you pluck the petals ........ he loves me, he loves me not ......... Nice.