May 20, 2008

College Update

I don't think I have said much on my blog, but some of you know I went back to school to pursue a degree in the Information Technology field. I love art ... it is my passion, but not something I would ever want to beat myself up over trying to make money with. I do art for recreation and to fill my soul.

I love the IT stuff -- working with data. It's hard to describe, but I get such a charge when I can figure out what is broken with something. I met with my mentor today and he has been so supportive and so encouraging of me following at least part of his footsteps. And he was cracking me up. My academic advisor made a recommendation for what IT class to start with next term and my mentor was saying you could do a lot of damage in that programming language if you didn't know what you were doing -- not a good choice for an intro -- but he was cracking me up -- and the idea that things could go incredibly wrong or incredibly well I found appealing and adventurous LOL

I am so excited. I have As in my classes so far -- and I'm getting close to the finish line for this term, so it is looking like I will keep my As -- assuming I don't fall off the wagon or something ... but school is one of those things I always loved and I can't stand not doing my very best, so I don't foresee that happening.

After several weeks wondering if I would get an academic advsor, they finally assigned me one ... and not a moment too soon. I never got all my loose ends tied up before being propelled into classes. My admissions counselor was all about getting the sale -- getting it signed -- blah blah blah She had a really flippant attitude about my fears of not doing math for 20 years and everything that seemed to come out her mouth was either dishonest or disrespectful. My academic advisor has been really nice and I get to meet him in person tomorrow evening -- and he already assured me that I will not have to deal with admissions anymore --- wooo hoooo!


Wabbit said...

I always felt that if I had a syllabus telling me what I needed to do to get an A that there was then no reason not to get an A. You'll do fine. You care about doing good work and are dedicated to this course. I did much better the second time through college! It helps when the course work is more interesting to you than the frat parties!

Beth said...

This post is very inspiring. I do alot of IT work for the school system but I don't get paid for it as I am a Registrar. A actual IT position is coming open this summer and I do believe I am going to apply for it. But I am also considering taking some IT classes and I am worried about the math part, never good in Math. Wondering what kind of courses you have to take in Math?