May 02, 2008

Anatomy of an Injury

Anatomy of an InjuryThis art journal page was inspired by a fall on my face LOL I haven't banged up my knees like this since I was a kid -- guess I was overdue. I fell on the street and banged the dickens out of my knees ... not to mention a horridly large bruise on my chin and a sprained wrist and hand.

My bruises are all gone now, but the tenderness in my knees, hand, and chin is taking a while to heal.

I found some clip-art anatomy of the affected areas for this page. I'm a little late, but thought this was appropriate for last week's
Inspire Me Thursday prompt.


Val Foster said...

This one is very artsy, and makes sense with the story behind it. I'm sorry you injured yourself....that must've been quite a tumble. When we were kids, and got banged up, we recovered quickly. It doesn't work that way now, does it?

Eastjewels said...

So Karen...I guess that college is not helping with the graceful thing? LOL Sorry for your accident. Your art is wonderful as usual so I guess you didn't bruise your talent...that is a very good thing...
Linda (Okla)