December 22, 2007

Am I a Bull-Dozer?

They say I am a bulldozer -- steam-rolling every thing in my path -- clearing the way to my dream.I would say the art part of this page is not necessarily my best work LOL I did draw the bull-dozer myself based on some clip-art though.

Someone at work called me a bull-dozer this month and it got me to thinking. I don't perceive myself this way, but perhaps I am. I've been working with this contractor on some software development. He is not quite qualified to do the work assigned to him -- and he follows in the footsteps of the best developer we have ever worked with, so this is no easy task for him. He is often less-than-honest too and that really gets under my skin.

I commented that at meetings he sounds kind of smart -- but when we discuss issues with our project he'll start to get tongue-tied and in general -- he just sounds dumb LOL Someone said he is intimidated by me and that I bull-doze or steam-roll right over him. I don't necessarily think of myself as an aggressor -- but I suppose I am in some respects.

Yesterday, one of our IT managers e-mailed him privately about an issue with our project -- asking him to troubleshoot a data issue and I only found out later when they finally got me in on the conversation. I had to step in and steam-roll everyone before our project got off course. Troubleshooting data is my area of expertise -- 12 years worth -- and the contracted developer has no real knowledge or experience with our data -- and he has very specific tasks assigned to him -- this not being one of them. I'm afraid I hurt his feelings, but hopefully he will thank me later, as I just lightened his workload LOL

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