December 15, 2006

Confessions of a Lazy Shopper

Blaaaahhhh! I hate shopping this time of year! I will do almost anything to avoid any shopping center during the holiday season. Small town life sounds so attractive about now LOL

I cheated and got what few gifts I really must get online ... but I have a few I must go into a real store and I've been procrastinating. I usually take care of errands during the week to avoid crowds. I don't even like grocery shopping in December. I ran myself out of food and went to the store out of sheer desperation ... or maybe that was starvation LOL

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primdollie said...

Oh Karen I know exactly what you mean!!! I avoid the malls and all like the plague!!! did get a few gifties for co-workers and something for my son's girlfriend and her little girl and hubby does the boys (they are grown and their "toys" are way more than mom cares to spend!!!! hehe! and that is it! and we live in a very small town so have to travel at least 1/2 hour to get anywhere so I avoid that too! and send hubby to the grocery store!!!! hehehe! so have fun dear!! it will be done soon!!
Hugs Linda