December 09, 2006

ABC Bingo

ABC Discovery
I have done hardly any art for over a week ... and it made me cranky ... cranky ... cranky. I've been tossing around an idea for a handmade journal for a one-on-one round robin with a Canadian friend. Since I've been a huge procrastiantor with all these work hours I decided I should get the cover embellishment done to get my hiney kicked into gear LOL

We decided to use alphabet letters and numbers as kind of a journaling prompt for our journals next year. I will call mine: ABC Discovery. Now that I have the main part of the cover done, I can't wait to get the book construction


jan said...

This is cool! What a great use of the shutter bingo card.

joyce said...

i love this karen! it's really cool. i can't wait to see all the work you guys do in this rr -- the idea is very intriguing!