July 06, 2008

Wild Kingdom

My road trip to Kansas was quite the adventure! I live in the big city and I am quite used to pigeons and what-not, but I have missed all the wild life small-town and rural life offers. I must say my preference is not to meet up with wildlife along the road where they can dart out however.

Here is a little inventory in all the animals I encountered on my trip:

5 Deer (I met up with 3 contemplating suicide on my midnight drive home -- eeek!)
2 Wild Turkeys (admittedly one got smooshed trying to cross the road -- but not by me LOL -- and no I wasn’t drinking!)
2 Rabbits (them babies run across the highway in no time flat!)
6 Buzzards (these guys were circling my Aunt’s property looking for dead animals presumably -- quite intimidating when you see that many together)
1 Owl in flight
3 Hawks (this was shocking -- I usually see more lie a dozen on my trip)
2 Rooster Pheasants
2 Field Mice (crossing the highway -- wonder which animals were chasing them LOL)
2 Bob Cats (This gave me the creeps! There were 3 dead animals that got smooshed in the highway … then a Bob Cat with glittering eyes laying in wait on the left side of the highway … and a second Bob Cat laying in wait on the right side of the highway less than 1000 feet down. I assume they were trying to tag team it and catch some innocent animal trying to cross there since this was a popular crossing zone. What menacing characters!)
2 Foxes
1 Coyote
1 Raccoon
2 Prairie Dogs
3 Blue Jays

1 Domestic Goat (he was wandering around a country road)

Basically, I saw everything except a partridge in a pear tree LOL


Aileen said...

Wow what an array of animals Old MacKaren's farm of sorts LOL

Karen Owen said...

Bobcats have to eat too! Hee hee!

Wabbit said...

Wowie! Once, on my way home from partying nearly all night in Denver, I was on Rte. 285 and nearly home at about 4 am. I had to stop for a parade of 3 deer, 1 porcupine, 2 rabbits, and a skunk at a popular critter crossing. I just sat there and laughed as they all crossed!