January 30, 2008


After weeks of darkness ... a glimpse into the light of the future. What will my heart hold? Let me find the courage to see ...I started this page and figured out the connection when I started writing the words. I've been stressed over a special project at work -- one that is special to my heart and one where everyone looks to me for leadership. We were not getting good technical support -- in fact, he was literally tearing our department down -- brick-by-brick -- and there was a risk that he would undo all the good things implemented by the previous contractor that worked so hard for us.

Watching this destruction was hard for me professionally and personally. The temptation to reach out and catch someone ready to fall is great, but I had to let him fall to save ourselves if that makes sense.

There seemed to be no hope. I woke up one morning and it was crystal clear to me -- our previous contractor was coming back to us -- our work family would be complete once again. Approximately 3 days later things fell apart and the wheels were set in motion to bring him back to us -- and he is here now. ESP scares me -- but it is not always about bad things :)


christygrant said...

I REALLY like this page, Karen!

Karen Owen said...

I love all your journal pages, but this one is fabulous!


Cyndi L said...

What a great page! Anyone who's gone through turmoil at work can relate to this :-)